We are Amanda and Raquel, simple people but above all natural, we will mess up by saying any nonsense. Please don’t take that into account. Amanda is very talkative, I a little less. Don’t go thinking that I’m a rude, it’s hard for me to start but I promise you that I’m fun.

Before I continue rolling, congratulate you on the decision you made, and thank you very much for thinking of us to keep the memory of what will surely be an unforgettable day.

We hope that the next meeting will be over a coffee, a virtual coffee, a beer or whatever comes up and we can get to know each other a little more. We will talk about everything you need, about what you expect from us, from your wedding, from your tastes, from ours, from life…

Our style is based on the documentary genre. It may sound strange, but someone once told us that photographers should take photos for people who have not yet been born. The photographs and memories will be the only thing that will remain with you forever, that is why our work is the most important thing for us..

Mate Estudio Boda En Pazo De Santirso

That nothing is missing

  • Total coverage of the event up to 2 hours of dance.
  • Pre-wedding
  • All photos edited
  • Private gallery
  • Delivery in 30 days
  • Summary of 15 photos the following week
  • Slideshow
  • Album 25x38cm


Boda En Lugo Mate Love De

Everything you need

  • Total coverage of the event up to 2 hours of dance.
  • All photos edited
  • Private gallery
  • Delivery in 30 days
  • Summary of 15 photos the following week
  • Slideshow


Mate Estudio Pazo San Tirso

Keep it simple

  • 7h coverage of the event
  • All photos edited
  • Private gallery
  • Delivery in 3 months
  • Summary of 10 photos the following week


A la Carte:

Pre-wedding / Couple session:

We go on a rocket to the moon, to your favorite corner of the world, to the place where you met, to throw coins in the Trevi Fountain, we play a game of Play, we go to the mountains or through the city… It can be whatever you want it to be. We just want you to become familiar with the camera and feel comfortable with us. That you lose your shame and that you forget that we are here, it will be the best training for the wedding.

  • Private gallery
  • Slideshow
  • All photos of the session edited



The post-wedding is designed so that the day of the wedding is just to enjoy the moment with your loved ones. The ceremony is over, those little tickles in the stomach begin to disappear, and you deserve to toast the cocktail with your guests and not think about photos.

Now we can choose the best times of the day to take the photos, the light is very important and you will have some incredible photos together. The wedding day nerves are gone, no one is waiting for you to eat and there is nothing that can go wrong. Relax and enjoy. We have absolute freedom to create.

If you choose a location outside of Galicia, count on us, we love to travel and we love to take photos. What more can we ask for? Tell us what we shape this TOP TRIP

  • Private gallery
  • Slideshow
  • All photos of the session edited


What if you could touch your memories with your hands?

Making an album with your photos is exactly that, being able to touch the memories. Have you ever seen your parents’ wedding photos? And what about your grandparents? It’s not just something tangible, it’s a legacy for those to come.

  • Album 25x38cm
  • High-quality materials: wood, linen or leather
  • Your names on the cover
  • 25 spreads (50 pages)
  • 100 photographs
  • Box

Possibility of a 30x40cm album if you prefer it larger.
Maximum number of sheets 50 (100 pages).
If you hire a post-wedding we can select the most beautiful ones and include them in the main wedding album, but it is recommended that if you hire a post-wedding and your wedding exceeds 200 guests, you hire an album for the post-wedding


Boda Boho Matelove

Extra day coverage

If you plan to have a party the day before the wedding or a barbecue the next day, you can count on us. It can be a point to gain confidence with the camera, not only you but also your family and friends. 

Includes a total coverage of 3h

PRICE: 600€

Mate Estudio Pazo San Tirso De

Additional photographer

The extra photographer is necessary for weddings with more than one location at the same time that will give us more variety of photographs as well as different angles.

PRICE: 800€

Boda Pazo Libunca Mate Love

Same day edit

It is a slideshow that begins with your preparations up to the rice so that you can all enjoy it together at coffee time. The factor of immediacy and the good energy that is breathed that day becomes a few minutes of fun, hugs and tears. Really, the faces when you are all looking at the screen are priceless,

PRICE: 350€

  • If when checking the calendar you do not find the date of your wedding or it is in red, please write us an email to info@matestudio.es and we will check the availability.
  • Couple, pre-wedding or post-wedding sessions are reserved without a date. Os llamaremos por teléfono y pondremos la cita acorde a lo que estéis buscando y la disponibilidad de ambos.
Expenses for diets, travel and accommodation (if necessary) are not included in any wedding package.
Travel expenses in post-wedding or pre-wedding to consult.
Wedding, pre-wedding or post-wedding abroad to consult options
Date reservation payment according to contract
Prices with 21%VAT included
This rate will vary without prior notice unless you already have your date reserved